Schedule Adjusted

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The course schedule has been modified for a few divisions. Sometimes changes to the schedule are necessary with a tournament this size. This change was made to accommodate more players in the MA3 division, which is already full, and to make the course schedule for Pool D more suitable. View the course schedule.

Disc Golf Press Conference

Pool D, which contains MA60, MA70, MA4, all junior divisions and all female AM divisions, will now play Washington Park on Saturday instead of Northwood. We felt that Washington Park was a better fit for Pool D than Northwood based on the layout that will be used at Northwood for this year’s event. Northwood is a championship level course with several gold level holes (with no short tees) that we decided were not appropriate for the players in Pool D.

Pool F, which is MA2, will also see some changes to their course schedule. MA2, or the Men’s Intermediate division, will now play Westwood, Sunset Hills and Wildlife. Essentially this division will substitute McNaughton and Bradley for Westwood and Wildlife. The short tees will be used at Westwood, while a mix of Long and Short tees will be used at Wildlife. We will shy away from using some of the more gold level tees at Wildlife to keep the round times manageable and the course suitable for MA2.

The MA3, or Men’s Recreational division, will not see any course schedule changes. They will still play Northwood, Bradley and McNaughton, but will be split up into two pools based on ratings so we can accommodate more players in this division. Since this division was already full (in fact, it was more than full) and we had several players that still wanted to play in this division, we wanted to do whatever we could do to add more MA3 spots. We understand that this change could cause some travel issues (if you are coming to the tournament with someone else who is playing that division and you only have one car), so if you are in this scenario please send an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you. Keep in mind that we cannot accommodate tee time requests. However, we will do our best to put you into the same pool as someone else you are traveling with.

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Nate Sexton

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