Ledgestone Announces Spectator Badge for 2018 Event

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The tournament is happy to announce that they will be offering 100 special Spectator Badges for the 2018 Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open. “This is something I have wanted to do for a few years. I think it’s important to push the sport forward to continue to make it more spectator friendly and offering spectators a unique experience is a great way to do that,” said Nate Heinold, Ledgestone tournament director.

The spectator badge is full of goodies, including 3 free Limited Edition Discraft/Ledgestone discs, access to the VIP tent at Lake Eureka, invitation to the press conference with top pros, a special Spectator badge, free shirt, a Disc Golf Pro Tour silipint, ticket to play the Disc Golf Pro Tour festival games, free entry into the Saturday night baseball night (which includes free food), free entry to the players party (which also includes free food), free ice cream at the ice cream social, free entry into the putting competition, free entry into the long drive contest and one meal at Lake Eureka. If that sounds like a mouth full you would be right! “We wanted to provide a ton of value for our first ever spectator badge. We understand some people don’t have the ability to play in the event, so we wanted to at least give them the opportunity to get some of the experience,” said Heinold. The spectator badge is perfect for those people who plan on coming to watch the event. People competing in the event will not be able to buy a spectator badge. This spectator badge will give people a taste of what the massive Ledgestone AM player’s pack and experience is like.

Spectators crossing the bridge at the 2017 Ledgestone Insurance Open

The spectator badge will only cost $80 and 100% of the net proceeds will go to St Jude. “St Jude has been our only charity for the last 6 years. The proceeds of these badges will continue to help raise money to find a cure for childhood cancer,” said Heinold. Over the last several years the event has given over $75,000 to St Jude. “It sure would be nice to get at least $25,000 raised this year so we can get to that $100,000 raised mark,” continued Heinold.

Ledgestone spectator badges/packs will be available for pickup at Lake Eureka the Wednesday before the event, August 8th, from Noon to 4PM. After that the packs will be available every day at Eureka. You can purchase the spectator badge exclusively at Disc Golf Scene. The spectator badges/packs will not be available long, so get yours today!

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