2015 Ledgestone Insurance Series

In 2015 the Ledgestone Insurance Series will return. Players will compete in up to 9 events with the winners receiving the famous Ledgestone Cup and cold hard cash for the pros and merchandise money for the top Amateur players in the series. First place in the Pro division for the series is guaranteed at least $400 cash. Here are the dates, with one more in Wisconsin to be added. All are B Tiers except for the AM only A Tier and the NT event.

Schedule of Events


  • 04/04/2015
    Rend Lake Open in Whittington, IL (B Tier)
  • 04/11/2015 - 04/12/2015
    IL AM Championship in Central Illinois (A Tier)


  • 05/09/2015
    Pine Hills/Streator (B Tier)



  • 07/25/2015
    Central Illinois Disc Golf Championship in Morton (B Tier)


  • 08/01/2015
    Indianapolis (B Tier)
  • 08/21/2015 - 08/23/2015
    NT Event

Points System

To compete for the Ledgestone Cup you must play a minimum of 4 series events. Here is the points system, subject to change BEFORE the start of the first series event:

Each tier in the series will work off a sliding scale to determine the points. Here is point system:

B Tier - 100 points
Tier and NT - 200 points

First Place Bonus - 10 points

Here is how you get points: you divide the number of points available in the tier by the number of players in that division to determine the spread between finishes in the tier. To determine the spread we will always round down. An example can best illustrate this:

If you have 11 players in a division for a B tier, the spread will be 9 points per player. So first place would get 100 points, second place would get 91 points, third place would get 82 points, fourth place 73 points, fifth place would get 64 points, etc. In addition. first place would get their respective bonus. In the event of a tie you simply take an average of the points for the places and give everyone who tied the same number of points. You would then skip down to where the next place would finish to give them the appropriate number of points. So in our previous example, if second and third place tied, they would each get 86.5 points and then fourth place would still get 73 points.


To compete for a Ledgestone Cup your division needs to average at least 3 players per event. Pro divisions will be paid out in cash and amateur divisions will be paid out in Plastic Addicts bucks:

First Place - $500
Second Place - $350
Third Place - $250
Fourth Place - $200

First Place - $100

First Place - $125
Second Place - $75
Third Place - Plaque

First Place - $100
Second Place - $50
Third Place - Plaque

First Place - $75
Second Place - $50
Third Place - Plaque

Other divisions will be evaluated depending on the amount of players we get for each division.

2017 Champion

Josh Anthon

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Previous Winners

2016 Winner: Paul McBeth

2015 Winner: Simon Lizotte

2014 Winner: Nikko Locastro

2013 Winner: Devan Owens

2012 Winner: Nikko Locastro

2011 Winner: Allen Hermosillo

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