Ledgestone LE Discs Release Date

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Every spring Discraft lovers rejoice as Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold releases the first wave of the Ledgestone Limited Edition discs. Started in 2015, this program gets special Discraft limited edition plastic in the hands of select vendors to sell to the masses. The first wave of special releases that were released were the Ti Zone, Ti Flick, Ti Comet, and Ti Banger GT in December 2014. To date Ledgestone has released a whopping 65,000 limited edition discs, with another 15,000 or so planned for 2018. Some of the most popular discs released through the Ledgestone program have included the ESP Glo Nuke, Cryztal Flx Zone, Big Z Force and many others. Ledgestone introduced Ti Flx plastic to the masses, and this year is proud to introduce Glo Sparkle plastic for the first time. “One of the unique things about my relationship with Discraft is that they are willing to let me try new things. When I approached them in 2015 about wanting to try to a new plastic variation, they were all in with my idea for Ti Flx. For 2018 I wanted to introduce another variation, and they were very supportive of my idea to do Glo Sparkle,” said Heinold.

With so many discs being released every year, Ledgestone is able to release some discs that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Certain discs are certainly more popular than others, and the tournament always tries to get the most popular discs out there, but its also important to release discs that may never get run in a special plastic. “In 2015 we ran the Cryztal Flx Sparkle Ringer and Cryztal Flx Sparkle Predator. While those aren’t the most well known Discraft discs, both of those molds have very dedicated markets and those people were happy to see us run those discs,” said Heinold. Heinold also pointed to the Big Z Force, which he had considered doing in 2016 but didn’t pull the trigger. “We had no idea the Big Z Force would be so popular, and now people are begging for us to do it again.” The Big Z Fore will once again be released in 2018, coming out as a special release in wave 2.

The quantities of the discs vary by mold, but most discs have runs between 500 and 1000. 2015 saw some molds have quantities closer to 2000, but Heinold has backed down the quantities per mold in recent years to protect the collectability of the discs. This year most of the molds will feature runs anywhere from 350 to 1000, except for the Swirly Les White Buzzzes, which will see a run of approximately 3500. This year the tournament is bringing back some popular combinations from the past, including the ESP Glo Nuke, ESP Glo Zone and the Big Z Force. The tournament is also introducing the aforementioned Glo Sparkle plastic, and will also introduce Globreaker plastic, which is simply Glo Jawbreaker. Finally, the tournament will also be releasing Swirly ESP Glo plastic with the Meteor and the Wasp. Infinite Discs is the official vendor for the event and will have the largest selection of Ledgestone discs for sale. The first wave of the Ledgestone releases will be shipped to vendors this week and discs should be in their hands by Thursday or Friday. Wave 2 will be released later in April, and wave 3 will be released in late May. Here is a full list of the molds being released and the approximate quantities:

Limited Edition Disc ScheduleWaveQuantity Produced
Big Z Zone1800
Les White Swirly ESP Buzzz13250
Swirly Buzzz Mini11500
Swirly ESP Crank1600
Swirly ESP Punisher1500
Les White Swirly ESP Buzzz w/ Robot Bee1250
JB Buzzz OS2650
Cryztal Sparkle Thrasher2600
Rubber Blend Challenger OS2600
JB Undertaker2500
Swirly ESP Buzzz SS2400
Big Z Force2500
Flag Dyed Cryztal Zone2350
Globreaker Buzzz2750
Swirly ESP Glo Wasp2350
Colorshift Zone2400
ESP Glo Nuke3500
Glo Sparkle Buzzz31000
Swirly ESP Glo Meteor3600
ESP Glo Zone3900

2019 Champions

Paige Pierce
Paul McBeth

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